Designing a Chatbot Conversation: UX Design Process Case Study

In the early days of the chatbot revolution, I was tasked with envisioning, and designing a conversational experience for a mobile app startup operating in the hospitality space.

As an additive component to their product ecosystem— this experience needed to integrate within existing systems, processes, and platforms on the back end, while delivering a heightened, delightful user experience on the front-end that would drive user engagement to deliver on several mission-critical business metrics and KPI’s.

This case study outlines the high-level design process, phased approach, and key deliverables associated with the definition, facilitation, and development of the conversational, chatbot experience.

This case study is just one example of how to approach the design of a conversational, chatbot experience. In the time since this project, a plethora of new chatbot-specific design tools and plug-ins have launched that can be leveraged during the design process. Just remember, every project is different! Take the time to plan ahead — craft a process that works for you, stay nimble, don’t be afraid to pivot, and use the tools that best support the task you need to accomplish.

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About the author:
Robert Sens is a senior interaction designer at
frog and a freelance digital product designer & art director. He works somewhere near the intersection of design, technology, and strategy — crafting intelligent experiences for humans.

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